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NEW SAVANNA: Who Owns the Generative AI Platform? Andreessen Horowitz

Generative-AI Content Automation Platform The benefits of generative AI include faster product development, enhanced customer experience and improved employee productivity, but the specifics depend on the use case. End users should be realistic about the value they are looking to achieve, especially when using a service as is, which has major limitations. Generative AI creates… continue reading

Image Classification in AI: How it works

Image recognition AI: from the early days of the technology to endless business applications today Vision systems can be perfectly trained to take over these often risky inspection tasks. Defects such as rust, missing bolts and nuts, damage or objects that do not belong where they are can thus be identified. These elements from the… continue reading

Ecommerce Services Chatbot Templates Conversational Landing Pages by Tars

5 inspirational examples of chatbots in e-commerce The chatbot converses with the user and fetches information like location, age and interests of the receiver, and budget. It then uses this data to list down relevant toy sets a user can choose from, which redirects them to the checkout page. They want to know more about… continue reading

What is generative AI and what are its applications?

Adobe Adobe Announces All New AI-Powered Creative Cloud Release Our team of AI experts leverages vast industry experience to ensure business transformation by harnessing the true potential of generative AI, aligned with customer needs. Currently, Hootsuite reports 100 million+ Americans will use generative AI by 2024, and the number is predicted to reach 116.9 million… continue reading

What to Know to Build an AI Chatbot with NLP in Python

NLP: The chatbot technology that’ll be a gamechanger for your business even more than GPT! In fact, while any talk of chatbots is usually accompanied by the mention of AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), many highly efficient bots are pretty “dumb” and far from appearing human. The design and development of a… continue reading