5 inspirational examples of chatbots in e-commerce

retail chatbot examples

The chatbot converses with the user and fetches information like location, age and interests of the receiver, and budget. It then uses this data to list down relevant toy sets a user can choose from, which redirects them to the checkout page. They want to know more about that dress, what the return policy is like and when the earliest delivery date is. But because they’re on a computer miles away, one of two things will happen. Supporting a single language is just another hindrance that reduces the efficiency of your sale. If you can’t support your customers in the way they want, and in the language, they speak, you’ve already lost them.

retail chatbot examples

Therefore, we’ve decided to list 10 chatbot examples across different verticals and business types to show best practices and simply cases where companies nailed the chatbot project. Arm your agents with the conversational intelligence and tools they need to give better recommendations, customize offers, and reach shoppers at critical buying stages. Now that we have the perks of chatbot integration out there, let’s briefly reflect on several mistakes of their implementation. These errors should be kept in mind in order for your chatbots to evolve their pro-consumer features and become a noteworthy addition to your retail business. Speaking of assistance, customers will sometimes come to your retail business’ website in search of something undetermined.

It’s Just the Beginning for Bots

While traditional websites and apps have long dominated eCommerce, conversational commerce is changing things up by putting the power of interaction into your customers’ hands—and it’s working. Conversational AI helps startups & small online businesses to manage multiple conversations at a time. Here is a customer service chatbot example in the hospitality industry to get you started. Customers can get the information by conversing with Eva in human language instead of searching, browsing, clicking buttons, or waiting on a call. Eva has answered more than 5 million queries from around a million customers with more than 85% accuracy. Eva holds more than 20,000 conversations every day with customers worldwide.

Finding the right chatbot for your online store means understanding your business needs. Ecommerce chatbots can help retailers automate customer service, FAQs, sales, and post-sales support. Your bespoke ChatGPT ecommerce chatbot is ready to wow customers, ensuring an effortless and smooth shopping experience. This blog post covers all about chatbots in ecommerce, their benefits, the best ecommerce chatbots you can try, how to build a custom ecommerce chatbot, and examples of ecommerce chatbots. With the increasing online purchases, there is a surge in ecommerce chatbots.

Best ecommerce chatbot examples

Staples’ Facebook Messenger bot can answer common customer questions, which tend to be about orders – tracking and returns – and whether specific items are in stock. A growing number of businesses are using chatbots in lots of exciting ways – in fact, according to Facebook, there are now over 300,000 active bots on Messenger. And like most bots, we provide our customers with the option to speak directly to one of the lovely humans on our support team.


Read how Orion Mall modernized their shopping experience with a chatbot. Especially when using an AI chatbot, the bot will be able to understand much better what customers are looking for — and offer them the best incentive to shop. Even if they’re not stuck in their houses during a pandemic, customers love the convenience of being able to get whatever they want from the comfort of their homes. At the same time, they expect the same personalized service they get in brick-and-mortar stores but paired with the speed and effortlessness of the internet.

Engage customers

You may feel too intimidated to launch your first chatbot if you know little to nothing about programming — don’t worry! There are plenty of platforms out there for building chatbots that accommodate all skill levels. Users can also create their own outfits and browse and vote for other users’ outfits on the bot for an interactive shopping experience. As technology advances, more and more industries are taking the road to conversational AI chatbots. Therefore, they’ve included a virtual assistant on their site to help customers navigate procedures and requests while answering basic questions without the need for agents to intervene. Being a leader in the industry, Benefit works to provide the best customer service possible, no matter the channel the consumer uses.

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Regardless of whether you’re at a store shopping for groceries, you can always search for recipes with the assistance of the Whole Foods bot on Facebook Messenger. One of the coolest parts is you can search by an emoji to get those recipes, while it also lets you filter your results if you have special dietary needs. Fandango’s Facebook Messenger bot lets you watch movie trailers, find local theaters, and see what’s trending this week. Simply enter your city or ZIP code, and the chatbot will show you what’s playing nearby, when, and send you to a page where you can buy tickets. Based on your business’ needs, you can put together actions and workflows that also show off your brand’s personality.

HR Service Automation

CNN was one of the first news businesses to build a bot on the Facebook Messenger platform. The users using messenger can have the benefit of having super-fast-paced conversations. The purpose of using a chatbot to enable registration and session information sharing is to help users to find updates immediately without having to reach out to them. The users can directly interact with the bot, and receive updates in a messaging format that they are already comfortable and familiar with.

retail chatbot examples

This London-based fintech company implements AI technology to help users manage their personal finances. Another way Sweetwater uses social listening is to resolve issues before they become a problem for the customer, such as coupon failure or shipping issues. It also engages with mentions for the sake of retention and brand loyalty—for example, by thanking a customer for their purchase or giving shout-outs to loyal customers.

It’s no surprise that store owners who want to drive more sales and improve customer experience invest in ecommerce chatbots. Salesforce is the CRM market leader and Salesforce Contact Genie enables multi-channel live chat supported by AI-driven assistants. And yet, chatbots have made many brands more human and approachable to buyers. These bots are personal in remembering customers’ preferences and are convenient as a 24/7 service.

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The energy drink brand teamed up with Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform, and Origin PC, a PC gaming rig manufacturer, for their “Rig Up” campaign. Dulux understands that choosing a paint colour from the thousands of shades and finishes on offer is daunting, and not everyone navigates the process similarly. Dulux anticipates this by offering a range of ways to come to a decision.

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  • For those with special dietary restrictions, the chatbot can also consider those and help them find foods and meals that leave a particular ingredient out.
  • Research shows that having a chatbot boosts a company’s sales by over 67%.
  • Chatbots could access real-time data to keep your customers in the loop about where their products are.
  • From doling out relationship advice to doing practice runs for a job interview, ChatGPT can discuss just about anything, making it a jack of all trades.

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